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          Fengkai County Chong Hui Stone Co. Ltd
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          Supply Square fire stone, step stone, pave stone Details
          Diamond favored because of its beautiful and long-lasting, visible "permanent" is "stone" to reflect its fundamental value, from natural to life.
          Stone advantages:
          1. Jade texture, gloss.
          2. Bright colors, beautiful patterns, with high compressive strength and good physical and chemical properties
          3. The long-term natural aging rock, organizational structure, uniform, linear expansion coefficient is extremely small, the stress disappear, no deformation
          4. Rigidity, high hardness, wear resistance, and temperature deformation
          5. Afraid of acid, alkali material erosion, will not rust, do not coated with oil, is not easy to stick dust, maintenance, easy and convenient, the combination of long life,
          6. Will not scratch, not constant temperature conditions to prevent, under normal temperature conditions, maintaining its original physical properties
          7. No magnetization measurements can move smoothly, without Zhise sense, not wet wet impact plane that set a good

          Natural stone, the color difference, please contact the real product.

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