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          Fengkai County Chong Hui Stone Co. Ltd
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          Sesame Ash Curb Details
          Granite stone factory specializing in the production, processing and marketing, as the focus, so professional, so compared to peers of our products more cost-effective, market share higher.
          The main products are:
          A sheet series: light board, hair plates, finished board, fire board, Blind plate, square plates, hanging panels, stair step, ax board, litchi surface, ax surface.
          Second, stone series: bricks, stone steps, press the top stone, Road calculus, corner stone, flower beds, stone, shaped bricks, CNC stone, the edge of the tree (the tree pool, tree box, stone, tree hole stone)
          Third, the Alien series: the bridge railings, stone balls, block car column, flower pots (pots), animal figures carved, as well as the giant stone blocks numbers.
          Quality, customer first, reputation first - is our consistent business standards, we believe: superior product quality, reasonable price, good faith management idea, let us stone in the increasingly fierce market competition to gain the initiative , take advanced.

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