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          Fengkai County Chong Hui Stone Co. Ltd
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          The burning surface sesame gray granite, burn surface sesame gray seal flowering Details
          Closure flowering rich stone resources, fine texture with sesame white (gray and black) higher hardness than that produced by the Fujian region, more excellent stone, suitable for indoor and outdoor construction project, large municipal roads, squares, construction, landscaping works, guardrailideal, gardening, stone carving and other construction materials, factory stone has been used by Shenzhen Shennan Avenue reconstruction project, Guangxi the apple County town Avenue reconstruction project, Dongguan industrial Park construction projects and other large-scale projects. Stone for the factory direct sales, have the absolute price advantage and stable sources can undertake the orders of large quantities of orders. The factory stone can be processed into a requirements specification, drawing, litchi surface, culture stone, burning face with polished surface craft stone products in accordance with the demand for production standards, such as the curbs (Road tooth), stone seats Block stool, trash, Blind, square tiles, non-slip finished. While factory orders to undertake all types of stone, can be directly delivered to your door.
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